AKTK 「Junction」22222.png

AKTK is a young pioneer brand from Italy, based on [Audacious] [Keen On] [The Next Gen][Knock Out] as cores of the brand. In this era of diversity, AKTK merges vintage with modern style, demonstrates the anxiety and predicament of modern youth in subjective clothing language, and arouses an actual emotional resonance with the young group of Z generation.

Inspired by punk aesthetics and sustainability, we strive to create classic and functional garments that combine elements, such as vintage style, frock, etc, to highlight the function of garments. With neutral tailoring, the concept of gender is not emphasized. Focusing on black, white and gray as main colors, garments are trimmed with symbolic metal details. Breaking the conventional consciousness, we try to create the image of villain, full of ambivalent feeling that can also represent the most disobedient and ever-changing fashionable new human of Z generation.